Our Story

We followed our intuition….

Our Story Continues…..

Our platform has changed however our promise to our customers remains . We will continue to offer unique & timeless pieces of the highest quality & most affordable prices. Early on we discovered a true passion for high quality fabrics & investment pieces. Sophisticated & timeless pieces sometimes with a twist that will work with your lifestyle & wardrobe for many years. We take pride in hand selecting each piece from our clothing to our accessories and gifts. 

Our style has changed over the years from formal and dressy to now focusing on more casual & everyday wear. We have changed as our customers needs have changed. We recognize that although customers want comfort and practicality there is still a need for quality and style along with sophisticated garments which will last. We have you covered. Our promise remains to bring our customers the best in quality and the fairest prices.

Thank You for shopping with us and for supporting a small business.